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 screen for monitor help

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PostSubject: screen for monitor help   Mon May 29, 2017 6:36 am

hey guys, first I want to say I wish much success to this forum. im happy to be here and looking forwards to post my work here for the enjoyment of the fans. maybe it will be good idea to have atopic for introduction here.. so many things that can help forum. I hope you guys open a section for character sprites, like a database, its really useful.

anyways  ok guys, im looking for some spriters that might be interested in helping out with making screens for the monitor.. what I need is like a small scene that can fit in the screen. u can use many elements like sky, buildings, streets, etc.. more like spiderman the video game from arcade, like that style or anything that can make sense for the screen. I already made 3 and they are animated with the scan lines.. all I need is just the scenes. the rest I can do.. im posting here a sample with monitor screen size. you can try this one and put buildings or anything that makes it interesting.. you will get credit if used. we can have many so please help if you can and thank you in edvance... must be like sprites as long as it fits inside the screen.
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screen for monitor help
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